Fist of jesus movie download

fist of jesus movie download

fist of jesus movie download

Fist of Jesus and all our other bloody movies in this Eskoria Films compilation Include the films: Die Motherfuckers (2006), Brico Killer (2007), Whirlwind Strike Force (2009), Brutal Relax (2010), Metal Creepers (2011) & Fist of Jesus (2012). All with english subtitles option. PAL 16:9 REGION FREE DVD 0 (It plays on US DVD Players a lso, it's wordlwide region) 10,00 € Add to basket. Final ...

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 · Directed by Adrián Cardona, David Muñoz. With Marc Velasco, Noé Blancafort, Salvador Llós, Victoria Roldán. Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot battle zombies.

Fist of Jesus on the Web:Facebook, Twitter, Official Website, IMDb. Movie Tags:zombie gore. Similar Movies. The Apple Incident . Giant apples appear in a city, and when people eat them, new apples ...

FIST OF JESUS- ein reinrassiges Blutfest ohne Sinn und großen Verstand. Aber einfach nur geil. Attackeee!! Lauflänge: exactly 14.51 Minuten ( mit Abspann natürlich ) ! Und im Bonus ( deutsche Untertitel einblendbar ) : - Making of= 15.57 Minuten! - Entfernte Szenen= exactly 6 Minuten! - Verpatzte Szenen= 2.45 Minuten! - " Fist of Jesus " Game Trailer= 1.11 Minuten! - Teaser " Once upon a ...

Fist of Jesus: The Movie. Close. 26. Posted by. Atheist. u/OilegorFree. 4 years ago. Archived. Fist of Jesus: The Movie. 12 comments. share. save hide report. 90% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast ...

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Fist of Jesus tells the adventures of Jesus and Judas, where the world is now full of Zombies caused by something going wrong during Lazarus’ resurrection. Comedy, Cowboys, the Roman Army and Mythological Creatures packed with endless fun. What else could you want? Features: - 60 levels of full humor gore story - Tons of zombies, mini-bosses and surprising bosses - Unlock and equip special ...

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